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    Custom Developed for Equipment or Device
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    For Any Tactic, Technique or Procedure
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    Reduce Mistakes - Increase Effectiveness
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    Quickly Developed For Any Application
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    Easy to Use and Understand
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    Over 9,000,000 Sold
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    Call Us - 571 319 0500 Today!

GSA Schedules and Information

General Services Administration Contract Vehicles

GSA Schedule
GSA Advantage
DoD EMall
Tailored Logistical Support – TLS

GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule Federal Supply Group 738 Contract # GS-10F-0547N

Kwikpoint is pleased to offer an extensive GSA contract offering many publications at best price to the government to our federal, military and authorized state and local government. GSA information and ordering can be placed by calling Kwikpoint at 571-319-0500 or online at

How to order directly from Kwikpoint using GSA:

STEP 1: Call Kwikpoint toll free at 1-800-Kwikpoint for a GSA quote
STEP 2: A GSA price quote is provided to you by Kwikpoint. Our GSA contract number is also provided to reference in your purchase.
STEP 3: Issue Kwikpoint a purchase order referencing our GSA contract number or place your order directly with a Kwikpoint sales representative by providing your credit card/IMPAC-GPC card number for payment.

How to order Kwikpoint GSA items through GSA Advantage:

STEP 1: Go to and under “What are you looking for?” enter the search word – Kwikpoint.
STEP 2: Shop for the items you are interested in and place them in your online basket. Please contact Kwikpoint at 1-800-kwikpoint if you have any questions or need assistance.

DOD EMALL Contract #

DOD EMALL is an internet-based electronic mall which allows military customers and other authorized government customers to search for and procure items from government and commercial sources. DOD EMALL is a Department of Defense program operated by the Defense Logistics Information Services (DLIS). All users must register and follow the Department of Defense rules for login and password.

How to order from Kwikpoint using DOD EMALL

STEP 1: go to
STEP 2: Login using your Common Access Card (CAC) or a DoD-approved PKI External Certificate Authority (ECA) digital certificate.
STEP 3: Click on “Shop” and Catalog Search. On the right-hand side of the page, there is a blue box that says “Change Corridor”. Please make sure this is open to “All of DOD Emall”.
STEP 4: Click on “Supplier” and the “Alphabetic” tab, both located on the bottom left-hand side of the page. This will bring up the alphabet.
STEP 5: Click on “T”, then on the left-hand side of the page click on “T-Translation”.
STEP 6: Find “Kwikpoint” in the list and click to refine your search. You will now be searching the Kwikpoint-only catalog.

Please call Kwikpoint at 1-800-kwikpoint if you have questions or need assistance.

Kwikpoint is also included in the DLA Special Operations Equipment Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) Program (formerly known as the Prime Vendor program) Vendor Contract # SPM8EJ-09-D-0001. Please contact one of the four awardees to order Kwikpoint products through this contract vehicle.

And as always, call Kwikpoint at 1-800-kwikpoint for assistance.