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English/Spanish Medical Visual Language Translator [PDF Version]

English/Spanish Medical Visual Language Translator [PDF Version]

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Our English/Spanish Medical VLT is a multiple award winner since its first printing in 2007, including The Communicator Awards and the 2008 National Health Information Awards. This invaluable visual communication tool enables instant communication with Spanish-only speakers in urgent medical situations where language barriers could seriously hinder effective treatment. English/Spanish language panels paired side-by-side with carefully developed picture panels enable medical personnel to communicate critical-care questions and get quick answers by having patients point to adjoining pictures. The compact, hinge-laminated format makes it easy to handle and wipe clean, and fits most pockets for quick access. An essential tool for any emergency technician or medical provider that works with Spanish speaking populations.

This is an interactive ePublication that is a PDF file. There is also a ePublication for Apple that is a .epub file. If you prefer the Apple version, please go here:

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