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    Custom Developed for Equipment or Device
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    For Any Tactic, Technique or Procedure
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    Reduce Mistakes - Increase Effectiveness
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    Quickly Developed For Any Application
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    Easy to Use and Understand
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    Over 9,000,000 Sold
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About Us

The Kwikpoint Story

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Vision Statement:
Kwikpoint will continue to develop leading-edge communications products across the spectrum of media by applying our innovative processes and our award-winning quality to exceed our customer’s requirements.

Mission Statement:
Kwikpoint develops instructions, communications material and cross-media courseware for first responders, patients, healthcare providers, law enforcement professionals, world travelers and the warfighter designed specifically to enable quick comprehension and easy use. For over 20 years, Kwikpoint publications have improved the training experience, heightened the retention of critical information and enhanced skill performance. The Kwikpoint process includes iterative stages of research, image-driven content development and usability testing to ensure effectiveness of our products that exceed our customer’s requirements.

Alan Stillman, the founder and CEO of Kwikpoint, developed the Kwikpoint concept on a 15,000 mile around-the-world bicycle trip. While in Hungary he cut out magazine pictures to communicate his dinner selections. From that simple concept grew a communication device that spans continents and dialects with ease. Alan and a team of six designers consulted linguists and members of the diplomatic community to create universally understood icons. This simple device replaces pounds-or kilos-of language dictionaries and phrase books.

Kwikpoint today … 20 years after Alan’s bike trip, Kwikpoint creates a wide variety of colorful visual communication tools that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. Using a Kwikpoint product allows people who don’t share a common language to communicate everything from basic needs to complex ideas quickly and easily, simply by pointing to pictures and symbols.

Kwikpoint Visual Language Translators:

    • Provide a visual vocabulary of more than 1,000 universally recognizable symbols.
    • Available in a variety of formats including passport size, wallet size
      and full size.
    • Help you order a meal, shop, find transportation, get medical attention
      and more.
    • Perfect for travelers, military personnel, police, emergency management teams, and retailers.
    • Work anywhere in the world!

Customized Kwikpoints

Kwikpoint products are also widely used as customized promotional tools in the travel and hospitality industries. By branding and customizing Kwikpoint products to specific audiences, our corporate clients have reached out to their customers at major worldwide events with value-added giveaways that are retained for years to come. Vacation travelers, business executives, road warriors, hotel staff, meeting and conference attendees and more have used Kwikpoint products to ease their daily communications here and abroad.

Military Kwikpoints

Kwikpoint is also growing as an indispensable and highly effective communication tool for the United States Armed Services. Our products are helping save the lives of both soldiers and civilians in conflict zones by assisting with identifying Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), locating weapons caches, and identifying enemy positions. They are also easing the delivery of humanitarian aid, helping to reduce tensions, and building rapport with local populations. Currently over 6 million of our communication guides have been supplied to the U.S. and foreign military forces such as the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa and elsewhere around the world.